Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crash on another planet...part3

ARBITER "Ahhh Feels great!!"
MASTER CHIEF "Yeah! I haven't done this so long!"

ARBITER"You know what I want now? .... BBQ."

MASTER CHIEF "Man, I was gonna say that too!!"

ARBITER "Ok. I am gonna let base know we crashed while you get BBQ going."
MASTER CHIEF "All right! Let's do it!!"

ARBITER "Hello? Hello? Yes, this is Arbiter, Roger?"
MASTER CHIEF "Let's cook this Kobe beef..."

ARBITER "Yes. We need your help ASAP. We crashed. This is emergency. Roger. "
MASTER CHIEF"Grill some lamb chop!"

ARBITER "Ok. They are coming to help us tomorrow."
MASTER CHIEF "Cool. Hey, here comes Kobe beef!"

ARBITER "Man! Smells good!!"
MASTER CHIEF "I know huh?"

ARBITER "Wow... This Kobe beef tastes amazing...."
MASTER CHIEF "Tender, huh?"

ARBITER "You are such a good cook!"
MASTER CHIEF "Thanks man. I will try this lamb chop."

MASTER CHIEF "Wow... tastes better than the restaurant."

ARBITER "Hey, you know what I am thinking?"

BOTH "Boooooooze!!!"

MASTER CHIEF "Cheers for Halo Reach!!"

ARBITER "Cheers!!!"

MASTER CHIEF "Ahahaha-! This is awesome!!!"
ARBITER "Hey, don't drink too much..."

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