Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crash on another planet...part5

MASTER CHIEF "AHHH!!! I will never meet such a girl anymore!"

ARBITER "Man, don't worry. You can find a girl from or something. That thing is huge."

MASTER CHIEF "Yeah, that's true. Guinness World Record largest online dating site..."

MASTER CHIEF "OK, I will write the last letter to my ex-girl friend... Fujiko..."
ARBITER "(Singing Justin Bieber) Baby, baby, baby ohh~"

MASTER CHIEF "Fujiko... you cheated on me, and you suck. BYE."

ARBITER "Hey, so... you feel better?"
MASTER CHIEF "Yes. Much better. Let's go to sleep."

ARBITER "Are you serious? This is the only blanket we have?"
MASTER CHIEF "No whining.. please."

ARBITER "I mean, we had a great KOBE BEEF for dinner, but we only have this crappy blanket???"

MASTER CHIEF "Food was the top priority, OK? It's fine! Trust me!"

ARBITER "Ahhh this is so awkward!!!"
MASTER CHIEF "Not that bad actually. Good night."

ARBITER "Hey, imagine when we are sleeping, some alien on this planet is checking on us."
MASTER CHIEF "What do you mean ALIEN? You are the ALIEN."

MASTER CHIEF "We haven't seen anything here, so it should be fine."

ARBITER "Yeah, I know. Just kidding. "
MASTER CHIEF "If so, we are probably more bad ass than them though."

ARBITER "That's right! Team HALO!"
MASTER CHIEF "Good night man!"

to be continued...?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crash on another planet...part4

MASTERCHIEF "Hey Hey Hey~! Ahahahaha~!!"

ARBITER "Oh man, how much you drank already?"

MASTER CHIEF "Don't worry! I am off duty!"

MASTER CHIEF "Wow wow... you know what I want now?"

BOTH "Music gig!!!"

ARBITER "(Singing Justin Bieber) Baby, baby, baby ohh~ Like Baby baby baby ohh~"

MASTER CHIEF "(Singing Justin Bieber) Like baby, baby, baby ohh~ "

ARBITER "(Singing Justin Bieber) I thought you'd always be mine~"
MASTER CHIEF "........."

ARBITER "Hey, what's wrong chief?"

ARBITER "Oh no... here it comes..."



MASTER CHIEF "I LOVED YOU ~!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!"

MASTER CHIEF "WHY~ (Why~) (Why~) (Why~)"
ARBITER "That's why I told you don't drink too much!"