Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rocky Bar...part4

Wrinkle-T "Wait!! We just started our business! Why we need to pay for you guys!? You're not part of us at all!"

The Misha Bros. "...Easy math. Because your bar is in our territory!! Plus, we are hot head and dangerous. You know that."

Wrinkle-T "I know but that's not fair!!! I won't pay for you guys! I mean... I CAN'T!"

Misha the torch "All right. You need to learn we mean serious business. Come on Boys!"

The Misha Bros. "Hazaaaaaaa!!!"

Wrinkle-T "Oh Noooooooo!!!!!"

Master Chief "You!! Bastards!!! "


The Misha Bros. "That's what you got?"

Master Chief "Whaaaa!!! Let me go~!!!!! Arbiter~!!!"

Arbiter "All right! Playing is over!!! Come ...."

Arbiter "Whhhhhhy???"

Master chief "Those jerks!! We can't move!!!"

Wrinkle-T "Ohhhh no... this is not good..."

Arbiter "I got this tape thingy when I was a kid. Memories..."

The Misha Bros "Ok, dorks. If you don't want to get this, then pay for us. Understand?"

Arbiter "No way! You psycho brothers!! He won't pay for this!! He's a baddass Alien in 80's!!"

Wrinkle-T "Not.... really...."

Master chief "This is crazy!!!! We gotta do something!! Think!! Ahhhh!!!!"

Arbiter "We gotta act like this is nothing. That's what I learned from my childhood. Oh wait!!! I have walky talky!!!"

Master Chief "Great!!!! Call your friends for help!!!"

Arbiter "......... but you're here... Crap! I don't have friends!!"

Arbiter "Oh I have only one chance to call!!! ........ Hello!!?? Hello!!?? Roger!!"

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