Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Need some extra dough... Part4

Arbiter: "You are so screwed!!"
Master chief "Just joking, dude."

Arbiter "It's NOT FUNNY!!"

Master chief "Sorry man, I'll make good one next time. I promise."

Arbiter "You ruined my favorite restaurant!!! You son of a BRUTE!!"

Mega man "Hey... Ah..... Speaking of witch..."

Brute "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"

Arbiter "AHHHHH! BRUTE!!!!!!"
Mega man "Ah... See you guys someday! Bye!!"

Brute "WASABI----!!!!!!!"

Master Chief "I told you so many times, I can't serve only wasabi, Brute."
Brute "GRRRRRR!!!! WASABI------!!!!!!"

Brute "Give me WA-SA-BI!!!!!!!!"

Brute "No wasabi-!!! I Crush you---!!!!!"


Master Chief "Ahhhh!!! Are you serious???"
Brute "WASABI---!!!!!"

Arbiter "Dude! Do something!!!!!"
Brute "WA-SA-BI-!!!!!!"

Master Chief "All right, all right!!! I will give you some wasabi!"

Brute "Huh? Wasabi-?"

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