Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you!!

Yay! introduced our site on July 21th. The editor mentioned our site reminds him of the site "Arby 'N' the Chief"(Warning kids! Mature contents and strong language). So I checked them out today :) They are doing short movies(!) with Arbiter and Master chief. It's funny and they are good! Thank you gameinformer editor for introducing us on your site and also introduce me the fun site~!

Article about us: "The Off Duty Adventures Of Master Chief & Arbiter"

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  1. mhm, they actually showed me this blog and you're bookmarked for me. (I'm the guy in the comments on that post with the awesome smiley.) And yes most of the reason I got attached to this is because of the relation to Arby n The Chief. Love that show, and this is great.

    But you don't have to copy, just do what you're doing now